Early Detection Saves lives
Early Detection Saves Lives
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3D Mammography technology copy
3D mammography technology
Two specialists reading your Mammogram
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Reading your Mammogram
Quality care focused on breast health
Quality Care
Focused on breast health
A welcoming environment tailored for you
A welcoming environment
tailored for you
Breast Screening and Diagnostic
Breast Screening
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Breast Imaging services


We recommend having regular breast screening mammograms as early detection is the best defence against breast cancer.


We provide mammograms using the Mammopad breast cushion for a softer Mammogram.


Professionally repurpose premium rather than magnetic bandwidth.

What is A 3D Mammogram?

At Breast Diagnostic Specialists we utilise a technology called breast tomosynthesis, also known as a 3D Mammogram. By providing 3D mammography we offer you access to an innovative and effective breast imaging technology here on the Sunshine Coast. During your mammogram the tomosynthesis machine sweeps in a small arc above your breast. Taking images in as small as 1mm ‘slices’ allows our specialists to examine your breast tissue, one layer at a time, like turning pages in a book. We are proud to offer 3D Mammography for both Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms as part of a proactive approach to breast health. For information about breast cancer¬†click here.