Breast screening

The Importance of Breast Screening

At Breast Diagnostics Specialists we are dedicated to providing trusted breast care. We recommend having regular screening mammograms as early detection is the best defence against breast cancer. Screening Mammograms are used when you have no symptoms as a proactive approach to breast health and are available locally in our practices on the Sunshine Coast.

Mammograms: What to expect

Breast Screening: An age guide

3D Screening Mammogram

At Breast Diagnostic Specialists we utilise a technology called breast tomosynthesis, also known as a 3D Mammogram. Instead of viewing all the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, the Specialist can examine the tissue one layer at a time like turning the pages of a book. During your mammogram the Tomosynthesis machine sweeps in a small arc above your breast. It allows us to see breast tissue more clearly. By providing 3D Mammography, Breast Diagnostic Specialists we offer women on the Sunshine Coast access to an innovative and effective breast imaging technology. Our 3D Tomosynthesis machines can also perform a traditional 2D mammogram. Early detection is the best defence against breast cancer.